Everything your VOICE needs is at your fingertips!

A unique vocal trainer designed by Mind The Voice.

Using your voice daily and intensively is comparable with top-level sport. A good vocal work-out is necessary for your vocal chords to stay in vocal shape.

That’s why Mind The Voice developed the Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer: a brand new voice training instrument to restore, warm up and optimize your speaking or singing voice.

The Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer offers you the opportunity to do a complete vocal work-out.


The SOVT Trainer is based on the principle of Straw Phonation or making sound through a straw.

The abbreviation “SOVT” stands for “Semi-Occluded Vocal Tract”, this means that when you make a sound through a tube, the vocal tract will be semi-occluded, causing a pressure difference in the vocal tract.

Because of this, you will get better vocal cords closure and get your voice back to healthy and sounding good  .


Your voice is at your fingertips

The Mind The Voice SOVT-Trainer has many different applications. By singing vocal exercises with the voice trainer and closing the holes with your fingers, you get the best out of your voice!